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A   $50
70   $70
C22   $80 Car Coding
SHP   1 Series HID Angel Eye Group Buy International Shipping
CAPS   1 Series Pre Drilled Caps
TUPY   10 Sets of HID Angel Eyes
F2   2 Car FXX coding
1x2   2x Alpine Flash 1xCoding
TT77   2x Coding 2x Flash 2xMap
MK   2x EXX coding + Alpina Flash Mark
2F   2x F Car coding
FLCI2   2x F80/F30 LCI harness
GT12   2x GTS DCT flash + Coding + Equipment
F17   2xF8X Coding+ Euro Engine Flash+ GTS DCT Flash service
E6   3x E60 coding
ITT   3x GTS DCT Flash 2x Coding
FX4   4x FXX Cars
6F   6F FSC Sat Radio
FS   Activation of apps with emulator
B3   Alpina B3 Flash
24LEDL   Alpine 24 LED License Plate Lights for BMW 3 Series 2006+ X5/X6 2007+ 5 Series 2004+ & 1 Series
HIDGP   Alpine HID Angel Eyes 1 Series Group Buy
1147   Authorization
Rt12   Balance remaining
RPT   Ballast Replacement Program
Apps   BMW Apps
TRU   BMW Coding + Flash
CB   Cable Deposit
144   Cat Delete
CIC   CIC Firmware/Bootloader Update
CD2   Coding
147   Coding + BMW Live Activation & International Shipping
CODING1   Coding + DCT + Coding + Sat Radio
MC1   Coding + Map Conversion
LA   Coding + Map Update + Sat Radio 6F FSC
COD   Coding Labor
CD1   Coding package/f30/f80 harness package
AL   CodingDCT
110   Custom 110
222   Custom 222
223   Custom 223
C224   Custom 224
C225   Custom 225
221   Custom221
225   Custom225
277   Custom277
FD1   Darko Recode
T1   Deposit + 241E Flash Fee
DM1   DME Recovery Service
DPC   DPE Wheel Deposit
E6X   E6X Coding + Euro SMG
acsf   E90 ACS Style Roof Spoiler - ABS
acst   E90 ACS Style Trunk Spoiler - Carbon Fiber
frntb   E90 Front Bumper - M3 Style
lipCF   E90 Hamann Style Front Lip - Carbon Fiber
E90LCIFHH   E90 LCI HID Headlights & HID Fog Lights & HID High Beams
HT78   E90 LCI HID HID Headlights & HID Fog Light Combo
rearb   E90 Rear Bumper - M3 Style
sidsk   E90 Side Skirts - M3 Style
sptcf   E90 Splitters (OEM Bumper) - Carbon Fiber
LEDCL   E90 Ultra High Power 10watt LED
E92LCIG   E92 2010+ (LCI) Matte Black Girlls
CSL2   E92 Carbon Fiber CSL Trunk
AKLIP   E9X M3 Arkym Front Lip 1x1
EX2   E9X M3 engine recovery/241E update
FMT   E9X M3 Full Motor Tune
FMT1   E9X M3 Full Motor Tune Part 1/2
FMT2   E9X M3 Full Motor Tune Part 2/2
EG   Engine Flash Equipment + E9X M3 engine tune
12   Engine Tune + Recovery (240E)
CV2   Engine Tune Remote
EQ   Equipment
EQP   Equipment only
ERTRK   Ericsson Style E92 Carbon Fiber Trunk
CP11   Euro CP Engine & DCT flash
FEDEX   Express FedEx Shipping
L78   EXX Coding + Internet/Live activation
RME   EXX Remote Coding
2FX   F Car Coding (Multi car discount)
FS2   F Series Coding
FXX   F Series Coding
FXX2   F Series Coding Only
F01GL   F01/F02 7 Series Matte Black Grills
27   F10-coding---e70-coding---2xMaps
D5   F1X M5/6 Comp Flash DCT & DME
FLCI   F30/F80 LCI plug and play harness
LCI3   F3X F8X LCI harness
EED   F8X Euro Engine & DCT Flash/Update
F8X   F8X Remote Coding
FR   FRM3 Repair/Recovery
TU88   Full Motor Tune + CIC recovery (FSC repair + Coding)
FX3   FXX coding
80   FXX special price coding
e9xex   Gintani E9x Exhaust Rear Section
KUNAL   Gintani Race E92 Standard Remaining Balance $1000+$110 shipping
DR12   Gintani Race Exhaust Matte Black Ceramic Coated Remaining Balance
DEP12   Gintani Sport/Race Exhaust Deposit $800
GTH   GTS DCT Flash F8X + Equipment
HFC22   H Front Carbon Fiber Lip Spoiler
HSTY   H Style Front Lip
TTRT   H Style Front Lip & Diffuser
M3HAM   Hamann Style Rear Diffuser E92 & E93
HIDAN   HID Angel Eyes
HIDUT   HID Angel Eyes + HID Fog Lights
HISTT   HID Angel Eyes + HID Fog Lights + D1S Headlight Bulbs (Pair)
TEW   HID Angel Eyes 8000K + 3000K + Pre Drilled + 1 Series Tow Plate
BU77   HID Angel Eyes Replacement Bulbs
HIDF   HID Fog Lights Free Shipping
FLCI8   LCI F80/F30 harness + FedEx shipping to Hong Kong
LCIC   LCI programming/Coding
TowLicense   License Plate Tow Connector
CustomLink122   M3 Replica Bumper Painted Pick Up. No Shipping
Map   Map
MTCU   MTech Style Rear Bumper E92 & E92 M3 Style Sideskirts
DN   N55 DME downgrade
ROM   N55 ROM Downgrade
PPK   PPK Flash
RE   Recode
DME   Repair/DME Update
REVE9X   Revinora Race Front Lip for E9X M3
spc20   SP-C20
spsc10   SP-SC10
tlr   Taylor $42
PAINT   Trunk Painting
TCC   Tuning Cable
SHX   Upgraded International FedEx/UPS Shipping
FSC   Uploading and activation of FSC

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