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50   $50
17722   17722
B33   2x B3 Flash
LCI22   4 Series LCI Harness + Coding + Coding Equipment
60   60
GY   6F + coding + hardware
6F   6F FSC Sat Radio
80   80
HIDGP   Alpine HID Angel Eyes 1 Series Group Buy
B3   B3 Flash
D2   Coding
CD   Coding + DCT Flash
D1   Coding + DCT Flash
CMT   Coding + Motor +Trans
360   Coding DCT Shipping
GTBZ   DCT flash
GTH   DCT Flash F8X with deposit for hardware
TD   DCT, Traction, Differential, and steering
FMT2   E9X M Motor Tune + DCT flash + Coding + Cable
FMT   E9X M3 Full Motor Tune
EQ   Equipment only
RME   EXX Remote Coding
FC   F coding
FCOD   F coding
FXX   F Series Coding
FLCI   F30/F80 LCI plug and play harness
F8   F8X Coding + DCT Flash
F8X   F8X Remote Coding
FR   FRM3+Coding
GT2   GTS DCT + Traction,Diff,EDC, and Steering
T172   GTS DCT Diff Z Suspension
G12   GTS DCT, traction, differential, and steering
HIDAN   HID Angel Eyes
HIDUT   HID Angel Eyes + HID Fog Lights
HIDF   HID Fog Lights Free Shipping
LC7   LCI harness
M128   Motor Tune + DCT Flash + Coding
MTZ   Motor tune + DCT flash + Coding
MTC   Motor Tune+Coding+DCT Flash+Cable
DN   N55 DME downgrade
ROM   N55 ROM Downgrade
PDCT   Perforamce DCT Flash F8X
GT   Performance DCT Flash
DCTH   Performance DCT flash + Hardware
6FH   Sat radio
SC12   Sat Radio + Coding + $50 cable deposit
75   Special Pricing Coding $75
TC   T Cable

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